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  • Entry on: 2017
  • Type of mining: Cloud
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  • Supported coins: BTC
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The website is no longer reachable.

The company

Suanlitou is an important cloud mining platform born in 2017 in China.

On the site are indicated the areas where the Farms have been installed but there are few videos and photos of these, a situation that we often find in some cloud mining and that often translates into little seriousness of the company.

It does not offer the sale of entire miners as some competitors do (cloud hosting) but allows its customers to buy “all-inclusive” packages with a few steps and with a fairly clear and simple interface in its use. We definitely would have preferred to have more intuitive features and easier steps, they have updated the user dashboard software in 2019 but have not made great improvements to the user experience.


Our experience

We have been users of the platform since 2017, we had some problems that we would have preferred not to have. With them we also had to start a dispute with Paypal because they applied the rules of the contract incorrectly in order to close one of our active contracts with them. They were not serious about handling that situation and we are sorry.

On Suanlitou we have the option to undermine only BTC and fees can be paid in advance with a discount in proportion to the more we advance fees.

The conditions of the packs are quite clear even if they apply a different method than the others for payout, use daily FPPS and therefore differ slightly from other mining companies as well as applying an additional maintenance fee in a visible % form on the site at the time of purchase.

Suanlitou allows you to pay in absolute security with PayPal and cryptovalue, does not accept bank transfer at the moment.

Customer support is not good in our opinion, payments have been regular since the launch of the platform until mid-2019. Lately it is not so clear whether they are paying or not, we do not feel comfortable at the moment on this aspect.

The platform rarely offers promotions.


  • Company present since 2017.
  • Possibility to pay fees separately in Fiat.
  • They accept Paypal.
  • Possibility to buy packs with last generation miners.


  • They don’t offer hosted miners.
  • Few types of mining contracts.
  • Mining only for BTC.
  • They do not accept bank transfer.
  • Few company information.
  • Not good customer support.


Suanlitou has been present in the mining market since 2017, has had a steady growth until mid-2018 but has not been able to maintain a good reputation unlike the industry leaders.

We have known it since 2017, we have had the opportunity to try it and use different types of purchases as well as see the evolution of the site over time.

We have had problems that we have not been able to solve and now payments are not as regular as they should be.

We didn’t get good returns on the packs we bought because we didn’t really understand how the fees were calculated and so we had lower returns than we imagined, they are not as clear to inexperienced users.

They don’t have bank transfer between payment methods and this can be a limit for some customers, but you can pay with Paypal and crypto.

We recommend it to more experienced users for the calculation of fees and ROI, the interface is not complex to use but we do not recommend it to those who approach the world of mining for the first time, you may have results different from expectations.

Until we have different news we would like to recommend other more complete and verifiable mining platforms.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.