Sesterce Mining

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  • Entry on: 2018
  • Type of mining: Hosting, Cloud
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  • Supported coins: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XMR, DASH, Others
  • For users: Beginners
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The company

Sesterce Mining is a mining company founded in 2018 based in France, offering both cloud mining service and the sale and hosting of the latest generation miners.

The company is growing very quickly and has found many investors especially on the hosting part that cloud mining.

Unlike many competitors, therefore, offers both the sale of entire miners (cloud hosting) to leave in their farms and different types of mining packs from BTC and other coin such as ETH, XMR, LTC, SIA and other coin.

Our experience

The user experience is intuitive from the very first moment, with a few steps and a clear enough interface you can buy both cloud mining packs and hosted miners.

For these two different types of services they use two linked but different sites, a choice that their competitors have not made and at first may confuse ideas.

The conditions of the packs are quite clear, a bit more complicated with regard to hosted miners that do not have like other competitors a daily cost “all inclusive” for the fees of the miner bought, have a monthly cost to place the mining plus a cost per Kw/h for electricity consumption with a price not exactly competitive compared to other companies offering the same service.

As for cloud mining has a good offer with packs ranging from a few months to 2 years, the fees in the case of BTC mining are aligned with the best proposals in the market.

On Sesterce mining, as we have already had the opportunity to say, we can also decide to buy a miner of the latest generation and have it shipped where we want rather than let it be mined in one of their Farms with discreet costs, this makes Sesterce mining one of the most complete offers as far as mining is concerned.

Speaking of Farms, we don’t have any videos or photos of Farms that really demonstrate mining activity. There are 7 Farms, shops and offices in various places in Europe but there is not much video and photo material at the moment.

We will try to have more detailed information about this by contacting the company directly.

Abbiamo notato la presenza di alcuni pack che secondo noi non andrebbero venduti in quanto sicuramente non convenienti per i clienti, un cliente che non conosce bene il settore potrebbe comprarli e non rientrare dell’investimento fatto. Questo aspetto lo segnaleremo all’azienda così come lo stiamo riportando a voi per estrema trasparenza.

Sesterce mining allows you to pay by crypto currency and bank transfer, currently does not support credit cards.

Customer support is good and to date no problems have been reported on withdrawals.

Sesterce Mining is definitely one of the platforms to evaluate when you decide to make an investment in BTC mining, it is not always the most competitive but a good promotion could allow us to make a good deal with them, to be reviewed in our opinion the costs per hosting.


  • Good maintenance fees for BTC packs.
  • Sale Miners last generation.
  • They offer hosted miners.
  • Good customer service.


  • Little information about the company.
  • Videos and photos of the farms not available.
  • Some packs not convenient for the customer.
  • Hosting at high prices.
  • Credit card payments not available.


Sesterce Mining is a company founded in 2018 and therefore recent compared to the main leaders in the cloud mining industry.

As we have already said, for BTC mining has certainly one of the most complete proposals having both hosting and cloud mining and is suitable for experienced and less experienced customers.

Honestly we don’t understand the presence of some packs because they are not very convenient for the customer, maybe it would be better to take them off so as not to lead customers to make wrong investments.

Inside the site do not have all the payment methods, this is definitely a shame.

We recommend a thorough evaluation of the various packs and conditions compared with the main competitors, they may not be so convenient on some packs while they may be so on others and the same goes for the sale of miners than hosting.

In case of promotions ask us for advice if you do not have clear conditions, especially to understand if it can be really convenient such a promotion since it is not always so easy to evaluate for a new customer in this field.

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