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  • Entry on: 2018
  • Type of mining: Hosting, Cloud
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  • Supported coins: BTC
  • For users: Experts
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The company

Rockminer, a mining company founded in 2013 and based in Shenzhen, China, offers a variety of services including hosting and cloud mining, production and sales of mining hardware, as well as creating an entire farm on demand.

Active since 2018 in the world of cloud mining, Rockminer is a fast growing reality in the cloud mining industry and offers the possibility to mine mainly BTC and other secondary coin mining with the latest generation hardware in the cloud.

Mining packs from other coins are not always available.

Of Rockminer there are videos and photos of the main farms in China, they have many miners installed and this is already proof that we are talking about an important reality.

Our experience

The interface is not immediately intuitive, it is not difficult to use it but some steps are a bit complex and unclear for those who are not used to invest in these products. It doesn’t allow you to buy whole miners as some of their competitors do, in some periods they did it but they didn’t have the best conditions on the market and we believe that not having obtained success from this type of product they thought not to propose it at the moment.

We have been users of the platform since 2018, we haven’t had any particular problems other than some misunderstandings about the user interface which was updated and improved at the end of 2019, although honestly we would have expected further improvements.

The conditions of the packs are very clear and you can quickly understand which is the right pack for our interests, sometimes it’s good to do some more calculations because they use different fee calculation formulas between the various packs and could become more convenient packs that often we would have underestimated. For example, they propose the cost of electrical fees (like all cloud mining) and apart from a further % for maintenance, this aspect leads them to be not always competitive and especially poorly understood when they are evaluating these packs for the first time. Fees should be carefully evaluated because they are not always the best on the market.

They often offer promotions on packs to encourage both new customers and consolidate existing customers, it is certainly important to take advantage of these promotions to have the best conditions.

The packs they propose have a duration ranging from 90 days to 360 days, so they do not propose long term contracts and this can be penalizing in some aspects.

Rockminer allows you to pay only with cryptocurrency, does not currently accept credit cards and bank transfer.

Customer support is good and payments are regular since the launch of the platform with withdrawal times always within 24 hours.

The platform regularly offers promotions which, if exploited, can bring in much faster returns than the investment and achieve better returns in the long term.

Absolutely one of the most tested and recommended platforms.


  • Good fees compared to the market average.
  • Fast and paying withdrawals from 2018.
  • Good customer support.
  • Video and photos of Farms.
  • Possibility to buy packs with latest generation miners.


  • They don’t offer hosted miners.
  • Few types of mining contracts.
  • Mining only for BTC, rarely other coins.
  • They do not accept bank transfer and credit cards.
  • Contracts lasting a maximum of 1 year.


RockMiner has been in the mining market since 2014, since it launched the cloud mining platform in 2018 it has been growing steadily and has always maintained a good reputation.

We have known it since 2018, we have had the opportunity to try it again and use different types of packs as well as see the evolution of the site over time, as we have already said we would have expected further improvements to the user interface.

The withdrawals have always been very fast and we never had any particular problems.

We got decent returns on the packs we bought because not having a good understanding of how the fees were calculated gave us lower returns than we imagined, they are not always so clear to inexperienced users.

They have neither bank transfer nor credit cards between payment methods and this can be a limit for some customers, they only accept crypto.

In this period has proved to be a serious company, you should check the economic conditions of the packs when you decide to invest because they may not be the most convenient on the market especially for the duration and conditions of the fees applied.

We feel we can recommend it to more experienced users and not to those who approach the world of mining for the first time, you might make a mistake buying.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.