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  • Entry on: 2019
  • Type of mining: Staking
  • Equipment market:
  • Supported coins: BTC, Others
  • For users: Beginners
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The company

MyCointainer is a company founded in 2019 that deals with the staking, purchase and sale of cryptocurrency.

At the moment there is not much information about the company but we think it will be available soon.

MyCointainer is an attractive staking pool for the PoS, providing an extremely user-friendly ecosystem that allows everyone to benefit from premium distributions in the decentralized economy.

Recently, we have seen that coins based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm are growing and rapidly gaining popularity, mainly because PoS powered blockchains do not consume energy and do not require expensive hardware to validate transactions, unlike coins like Bitcoin which are becoming more and more demanding on hardware and electricity.

Our experience

We have been using MyCointainer since its launch on the market, the interface is very simple and intuitive and offers a wide variety of coins to choose from with many investment options. Unlike other staking services, here you can also buy coins and this makes the service more interesting and affordable for inexperienced users. In addition to the crypto, you can deposit both by bank transfer and credit cards.

MyCointainer offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies (over 50, growing number) and with the addition of new assets every week, covers the entire POS market.

Customer support is excellent, the service is always online and no technical or hardware knowledge is required.

Inside the site there is a real exchange of cryptocurrency, this allows you to make a trading inside the platform as well as the possibility to buy Bitcoin and other altcoins with euro and other Fiat currencies in a few moments.

MyCointainer is a financially regulated service, have obtained a legal license to provide an e-wallet service and Fiat for encrypted transfers, all funds are protected by SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users). Security protocols will ensure that funds are always protected by multiple levels of security, so that users can securely store digital assets and secure stakes.

Inside the site you’ll find MyCointainer POWER, an innovative monthly subscription service that offers cryptovalue fans a new and interesting way to earn money. You will have access to Masternodes dedicated to subscribers earning 100% of the staking. So, to make it easier to understand, on the site you can buy Bitcoin with Fiat coins, exchange it with other cryptocurrency to do staking or buy a portion of masternodes and eventually return to Bitcoin after a few months to convert our earnings. This is something that makes it very interesting.

We are all familiar with the risk of centralised services, which is why the fact that they have introduced the SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) system convinced us to try MyCointainer because deposited funds are always covered by insurance against loss of coins caused by a hacking incident, for example.

The site is certainly suitable even for inexperienced users for the simplicity of use and for the very clear and transparent offer, there are also very precise indications on the ROI of staking, certainly a service to be evaluated among those who offer staking coins.


  • Internal exchange.
  • Great fees.
  • Possibility to buy crypto with Fiat.
  • Over 50 coins available.
  • Funds insured and covered by SAFU system
  • Different payment methods available.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Some interesting coins are still missing
  • Site not yet in Italian language
  • Few information about the company


MyCointainer is a company that is currently offering the best returns for coins staking.

The services it offers are very interesting, for sure having an internal and regulated exchange widens the possibilities of use and earnings for more experienced users.

Having introduced the SAFU system (Secure Asset Fund for Users) is an important aspect, normally we are very wary of centralized services so as not to risk losing our funds but if they are covered by an insurance that guarantees the funds we better evaluate the possibility of using that service.

Always available technical support and great seriousness from all staff certainly indicate a great attention to the customer, which is not trivial in this area.

Very interesting MyCointainer POWER, the subscription service that allows you to have many advantages and other earning opportunities.

Absolutely recommended even to inexperienced users, experienced users can get important benefits from such a platform.

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