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  • Entry on: 2017
  • Type of mining: Hosting, Cloud, Staking
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  • Supported coins: BTC, ETH, ZEC, ETC, Others
  • For users: Beginners
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The company

Just Mining is a blockchain and crypto currency mining company and was founded in 2017 by Owen Simonin, a well-known person in the industry with over 100,000 followers.

The company was born from the idea of Owen who realized how complex and difficult the cryptocurrency sector is for new users to understand, and mine a fundraiser to create a company that could offer a range of services in a clear and transparent way.

Indeed Just Mining offers different types of services including: cloud mining, hosting, staking coins, masternodes creation, sale and production of miners.

Honestly we would have preferred to see something more professional about confirming the mining activity, there are no photos and videos of the farm while they say they are the biggest farm in France, this is easy to say in words but it should be demonstrated to customers in another way.

The company has been growing steadily since day one because it entered the mining market with good marketing, attractive conditions for BTC and altcoin mining as well as the production of altcoin miners at attractive conditions. An interesting function is to be able to buy hashrate and then decide which coin to mine among several coins.

Our experience

The user experience is quite intuitive from the very first moment, with a few steps and a clear interface you can buy both cloud mining packs and miners.

For hosted miners it is not as simple, it is a service for a more experienced user and therefore the steps to purchase are more complex.

The conditions of cloud packs are not clear, it should be better specified at the time of purchase if there are fees to be paid and if there are, how they are paid by the customer.

As far as mining is concerned, it is certainly a very complete company in its offer even if for the cloud mining part the packs are quite limited with a fixed duration of 2 years.

We have been customers since 2018, we have always liked the company and we have seen the different developments that the project has had over time.

We believe there is a lot of knowledge of the industry although we are surprised that in recent years they have not thought of building farms in more convenient places as competitors offer better conditions for hosting.

We have reported this to the company as we are reporting it to you for the sake of transparency.

Very interesting aspect is that they also propose the stacking of coins with sale and creation of masternodes, very interesting aspect for the future as well as for those who already know the product and this type of mining.

They are also manufacturers of miners for altcoins as well as selling the main miners.

Having these possibilities certainly makes it one of the most complete platforms in mining.

Just Mining allows you to pay safely with credit cards, cryptocurrency and bank transfer.

Customer support is good and to date no problems have been reported on withdrawals.

Just Mining is definitely one of the platforms to evaluate when you decide to make an investment in mining even if unfortunately it is often not the most competitive. To be evaluated definitely hosting and stacking for more experienced users as well as their miners to mine altcoin.


  • Packs with Fee included.
  • Very complete offer.
  • They offer miners for sale and hosting.
  • Staking of coins and Masternodes.
  • Fast payment and technical support at a good level.


  • Little information about the company.
  • Some packs not convenient for the customer.
  • Videos and photos of Farms not present.
  • Unclear packs conditions.


Feel Mining is a good company that is growing slowly and maintaining a good reputation.

For mining it definitely has one of the most complete proposals having cloud mining, selling miners, hosting and staking, and is suitable for experienced and less experienced customers.

Within the site have all the payment methods, this is definitely convenient.

We do not like the fact that there is no particular information, videos or photos on the farms as well as very little information about the company. Seeing the photos (with names) of those who make up the team we find it less interesting than seeing the real production capacity since they say they are the largest farm in France.

Honestly we do not understand the presence of some packs because they could be not very convenient for the customer, maybe it would be better to remove them or to show with a calculator the real return on investment. In this regard, we recommend using our calculator to make comparisons with other proposals.

We recommend an in-depth evaluation of the conditions, comparing it with the main competitors.

Surely more suitable for experienced users to take advantage of the many types of mining, while for less experienced users it is good to buy packs or staking coins in an easy way.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.