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  • Entry on: 2016
  • Type of mining: Cloud
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  • Supported coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, XMR, DASH, Others
  • For users: Experts
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The company

IQMining is a mining platform created in 2016 by a group of Russian programmers and engineers with experience in Blockchain, the company is based in Scotland.

Active since 2016 with over 120,000 users worldwide, IQMining is definitely one of the leading players in cloud mining offering the possibility to mine USDT , BTC and ETH with the latest generation of ASIC/GPU miners in the cloud.

We have done several researches on this company and they claim to have Farms in different parts of the world, more precisely in Canada, Russia, Iceland, Georgia, Algeria and China. Honestly there are few videos and photos that really make us believe that they have all these Farms, but we have no information that can make us think and prove otherwise.

The company, unlike other cloud mining, says it gets profits by undermining the most favorable coin at that time with proprietary algorithms.

It does not offer the sale of entire miners as some competitors do (cloud hosting), it allows its customers to buy packages “all inclusive” with a few steps and with a fairly clear and simple interface in its use.

Our experience

We have been users of the platform since 2018, we have never had any kind of problem, technical support has always provided us with quick answers.

On IQMining we don’t have the possibility to undermine many coins, the packs change quite frequently and so you have to check which coin you can undermine when you decide to make a purchase.

The conditions of the packs are clear, the fees are clearly displayed and it is difficult to be wrong even if the calculator they have on the site can be misleading as it is not so clear in showing the real return on investment.

Sometimes it is good to do some extra calculations especially when doing promotions because they tend to try to sell the less profitable pack with more interesting promotions.

For new customers they offer exclusive promotions and packs with the aim of making the service known and attracting as many new customers as possible.

IQMining allows you to pay in absolute security with credit cards and cryptocurrency, does not currently accept bank transfer.

Payments are regular since the launch of the platform with withdrawal times always within 24 hours.

Compared to the competition, the fees must be carefully evaluated because they are not always the best on the market while the cost of the packs is in line with the best when there are promotions (which is frequent).

The platform offers, among other promotions, the possibility to win prizes such as Mac or iPhone computers.

Absolutely one of the most present and widely used platforms on the web.


  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Fast and paying withdrawals from 2017.
  • Good customer support.
  • Frequent promotions.
  • Possibility to buy packs with latest generation miners.


  • They don’t offer hosted miners.
  • Fee not at the best levels of the market.
  • Few types of mining contracts.
  • Few videos and photos of declared Farms.
  • They do not accept bank transfer.


IQMining has been present in the mining market since 2016, has had a constant growth and has always maintained a good reputation even if there is not yet much evidence of the actual existence of the declared Farms.

We have been using it since 2018, we have had the opportunity to test it and use different types of packs as well as see the evolution of the site over time and honestly it hasn’t had as many developments as we would have expected but it is quite common in the cloud mining industry.

Withdrawals have always been very fast and we never had any particular problems, which is why we continued to invest when we found convenient packs.

They don’t have bank transfer between payment methods and this can be a limit for some customers, but you can pay with credit cards and crypto.

In recent years it has certainly proved to be a good company, you should check the economic conditions of the packs when you decide to invest because they may not be the cheapest packs on the market.

We feel we can recommend it to more experienced users. For those approaching the world of mining for the first time, we recommend that you pay close attention to the calculations made because you could make a mistake by not correctly evaluating the return on investment compared to what the site says.

At the moment a good platform.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.