Ideal Mining

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  • Entry on: 2019
  • Type of mining: Cloud
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  • Supported coins: BTC
  • For users: Beginners
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The website is no longer reachable.

The company

Ideal Mining is a Dutch cloud mining platform born in late 2019 that allows users around the world to mine different cryptocurrency.

On the site and searching online there is very little information about this company, we are pretty sure we are facing a HYIP that looks like cloud mining, not surprisingly there is no actual evidence of Farms.

There is a video showing a Farm with some GPU cards, not ASICs.

It can be anyone’s Farm and it’s really curious to show miners that undermine altcoins ( GPUs ) when the company sells BTC mining packs. The picture of the company, is a fake, the image with the logo has been modified with photo editing using the photo of a building that has no company logo there. The platform offers contracts to sell hashrate to mine BTC, it does not offer other mining services at the moment.

Our experience

We think more and more we are in front of the usual HYIP that leverages the success of cloud mining to attract investors and pay them until there will be new entrants, not surprisingly Ideal Mining is quickly taking many customers around the world.

The interface is very intuitive, it allows you to pay only with cryptocurrency and credit cards and bank transfer are not accepted. Mining people never like this, they prefer to pay with FIAT currency.

Payments at the moment are fairly regular but we expect that this situation may change soon, it may surprise us for a year or even longer but we must be aware that we are facing a company that is proposing contracts with unrealistic conditions at the moment.

The maintenance fees for cloud contracts and the hardware used make us seriously doubt that we are in front of a real mining farm, however there are contracts available from 1 year to 2 years duration with returns that could often be within 4/5 months, which is very difficult in mining today.

We recommend you take advantage of a promotion if you intend to try the platform because it can allow you to get much faster returns and in any case remember to really invest in it what you are willing to lose because we have serious doubts about seeing this platform online and paying for a long time. High risk investment, the former can also earn good money but the others could lose almost everything.


  • High ROI.
  • Very low maintenance fees.
  • Very good pack costs.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • Fake picture of the office.
  • They do not offer hosted miners.
  • Few information about the company.
  • ROI impossible for mining.
  • They only accept crypto for payments.


We are definitely talking about a platform much discussed and present for a short time, end of 2019.

There is very little information about the company and honestly we do not feel like advising an investment on this company, maybe it will make sense for the first customers but the more time passes the more we risk losing all the capital in our opinion.

Ideal Mining allows you to undermine only BTC with hashrate packs at 1 or 2 years duration and with very low fees, unrealistic today in cloud mining.

We recommend to evaluate if there are particular offers in progress and make the relevant calculations.

We strongly believe it is a HYIP, so high gains correspond to as many risks, pay close attention to this type of company.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.