Feel Mining

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  • Entry on: 2018
  • Type of mining: Hosting, Cloud, Staking
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  • Supported coins: BTC, ZEC
  • For users: Beginners
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The company

Feel Mining is a mining company founded in 2018 and based in France.

There is not a lot of information about the company, at the moment the company has a very complete offer in mining offering cloud mining, hosting, miners production/sale and staking coin services.

They are declared Farms in Siberia, France and Kazakhstan, but honestly we have not found any concrete photographic and video evidence of such Farms.

We would have preferred to see something more professional about confirming mining.

The company has been growing steadily since day one because it entered the mining market with good marketing, attractive conditions for BTC and Altcoin mining as well as the production of altcoin miners at attractive conditions.

Our experience

The user experience is quite intuitive from the very first moment, with a few steps and a clear interface you can buy both cloud mining packs and hosted miners.

The conditions of the packs are clear, a bit more complicated for hosted miners who do not have like other competitors a daily cost “all inclusive” for the fees of the miner bought, let’s say that at the moment this aspect is more understandable to very experienced users.

As far as mining is concerned, it is certainly a very complete company in its offer even if for the cloud mining part the packs are quite limited with a fixed duration of 1 year, fees included.

When we talk about included fees it means that the purchase already includes electricity and therefore mining will be net without maintenance costs because it is already included in the cost of the individual TH/s.

We have been clients since 2019 and we have noticed lately the presence of packs that in our opinion are not so convenient for customers, a customer who does not know the industry well could buy them and risk not to return the investment made. We have reported this aspect to the company as we are reporting it to you for extreme transparency.

Very interesting aspect is that they also propose the stacking of coins with sale and creation of masternode, a very interesting aspect for the future as well as for those who already know the product and the type of mining. This aspect makes it one of the most complete platforms in mining.

Feel mining allows you to pay safely with credit cards, cryptocurrency and bank transfer.

Customer support is good and to date no problems have been reported on withdrawals.

Feel Mining is definitely one of the platforms to evaluate when you decide to make an investment in mining, not always the most competitive but a good promotion could allow us to make a good deal with them. To be evaluated definitely hosting and stacking for more experienced users as well as their miners to mine altcoin.


  • Pack Fee included.
  • Very complete offer.
  • Offer miners for sale and hosting.
  • Stacking of coins.
  • Fast payments and good technical support.


  • Little information about the company.
  • Some packs not convenient for the customer.
  • Videos and photos of Farms not available.
  • Prices of some miners on sale not very convenient.


Feel Mining is a company founded in 2018 and is therefore recent compared to the main leaders in the cloud mining industry.

For mining has certainly one of the most complete proposals having cloud mining, hosting and stacking, and is suitable for experienced and less experienced customers.

Within the site have all the payment methods, this is definitely convenient.

We do not like the fact that on the Farms there is no particular information, videos or photos as well as very little information about the company. See the photos (with names) of those who make up the team we find it less interesting than seeing the real production capacity.

Honestly we do not understand the presence of some packs because they could be not very convenient for the customer, maybe it would be better to remove them or to show with a calculator the real return on investment. In this regard, we recommend using our calculator to make comparisons with other proposals.

Ci sentiamo di consigliare una valutazione approfondita delle condizioni, confrontandola con i principali competitors, perché potrebbero non essere così convenienti su alcuni packs mentre potrebbero esserlo su altre proposte.

In caso di promozioni chiedeteci un consiglio se non avete ben chiare le condizioni o per capire se può essere realmente conveniente tale promozione, non è sempre così facile valutarle per un cliente nuovo in questo settore.

Sicuramente più adatto a utenti esperti per sfruttare le molteplici tipologie di mining, per utenti meno esperti è buona la possibilità di comprare packs con fee già incluse anche se un pò cari come costo.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.