ECOS Mining

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  • Entry on: 2018
  • Type of mining: Hosting, Cloud
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  • Supported coins: BTC
  • For users: Beginners
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The company

Ecos Mining is a mining platform founded in 2018 based in Armenia.

There is not much information about the company at the moment but it is known that the first Farms were born within the “free economic zone”, an area where the Armenian government has decided to encourage certain investments by completely eliminating taxation. Note that there are no photos and videos of the farms and this leaves some doubts.

ECOS-M has signed an agreement with the thermal power plant of Hrazdan to supply energy to the first active Farm with a supply of about 50MW with a maximum potential of about 200MW; for those who do not know the meaning of this information we would like to point out that already 50MW allow to feed a very high number of miners, at least 30/35,000 miners of new generation.

The Armenian government will supervise the mining activity of Ecos because the crypto currency sector in Armenia has not yet been regulated but there is an important development plan of startups related to the Crypto/Blockchain sector in the free economic zone.

The company had strong growth from day one because it entered the cloud mining market with good marketing and attractive conditions for BTC mining, the only coin mined at the moment.

The company offers hosting and cloud mining services to its customers.

Unlike many competitors, it offers both the sale of entire miners (cloud hosting) to leave in their farms and different types of BTC mining packs.

Our experience

The user experience is intuitive from the very first moment, with a few steps and a clear enough interface you can buy both cloud mining packs and hosted miners.

The conditions of the packs are quite clear, a bit more complicated with regard to the hosted miners that do not have like other competitors a daily cost “all inclusive” for the fees of the miner bought, they have a monthly cost that is not immediately well understood.

As far as mining is concerned, BTC is certainly one of the most complete companies in its offer with packs ranging from a few months to 2 years (fees included and not included) and latest generation miners sold with hosting in good conditions both for purchase and maintenance.

On Ecos mining, as we have already said before we do not have the possibility to mine other coin but only BTC is available, so if you are looking for altcoin mining it is not the platform for you.

We have noticed the presence of some packs that in our opinion should not be sold because certainly not convenient for customers, a customer who does not know the industry well could buy them and not return the investment made. We will report this aspect to the company as we are reporting it to you for extreme transparency.

Ecos mining allows you to pay in absolute safety with credit cards, cryptocurrency and bank transfer.

Customer support is good and to date no problems have been reported on withdrawals.

They are always proposed excellent packs with average costs good compared to the competition, the fees must be carefully evaluated because they are not always the best on the market.

Ecos Mining is definitely one of the platforms to evaluate when you decide to make an investment in BTC mining, not always the most competitive but a good promotion could allow us to make a good deal with them.


  • Good maintenance fees but to be evaluated carefully.
  • Supervision of the Armenian Government on the project.
  • They offer hosted miners.
  • Possibility to buy packs with last generation miners.


  • Little information about the company.
  • No videos and photos of the farms are available.
  • Some packs not convenient for the customer.
  • Mining only for BTC.
  • There are some packs with not convenient fees.


Ecos Mining is a company active in cloud mining since 2019 and therefore recent compared to the main leaders in cloud mining.

As we have already said, for BTC mining it has one of the most complete proposals having both hosting and cloud mining and is suitable for experienced and less experienced customers.

Honestly we do not understand the presence of some packs because they are not very convenient for the customer, maybe it would be better to remove them or to show with a calculator the real return on investment.

Inside the site have all the payment methods, this is certainly convenient.

We recommend an in-depth evaluation of the various packs and conditions compared with the main competitors, they may not be so convenient on some packs while they may be so on others.

In case of promotions ask us for advice if you do not have clear conditions or to understand if it can be really convenient such a promotion, it is not always so easy to evaluate for a new customer in this area.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.