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  • Entry on: 2018
  • Type of mining: Cloud
  • Equipment market:
  • Supported coins: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ZEC, XMR, DASH, DOGE, Others
  • For users: Beginners
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The company

Dualmine is an English cloud mining platform that allows users around the world to mine different cryptocurrency.

Honestly there is very little information about this company, we believe we are faced with a HYIP that presents itself as cloud mining, not surprisingly there is no actual evidence of Farms and what hardware they use to do mining.

The platform offers hashrate sales contracts of the major cryptocurrency, so not only BTC but also ETH, LTC , BCH , XMR , DASH and successful altcoin that are increasingly requested by investors in cloud mining. Between these coin there is also Cryptonits ( CRT ) their coin, they allow to undermine it not being still very clear which will be its development, at the moment they allow to exchange it inside their platform considering that it is present a sort of exchange.

Our experience

The fact of having differentiated the offer has certainly led a large number of customers to try the platform but we believe that the high returns promised by their computer have contributed more to attract new investment, we are very wary of such unlikely promises because no known hardware allows you to have that kind of profits from mining of major coins. We think more and more that we are in front of the usual HYIP that uses the success of cloud mining to attract investors and pay them until there will be new entries, not by chance Dualmine is taking many customers around the world but at the first problem everything could disappear as it already happened with other similar products.

The interface is very intuitive, it allows you to pay only with cryptocurrency and credit cards and bank transfer are not accepted.

Payments are still fairly regular, but we expect this to change at any moment.

On the contracts are not specified the maintenance fees and not even the hardware used, obviously this aspect makes us seriously doubt that we are in front of a real mining farm, in any case there are contracts with 2 years duration with returns that often should occur within 4 months, which is very difficult in mining today.

Inside the user interface you will find a sort of exchange for mined coins but they also have their own external exchange, Dualex, which does not require any registration promises to do conversion of the main coins in absolute anonymity and with good fees, honestly we do not feel to recommend it at the moment because there is not much information about this product. We recommend to take advantage of one of the promotions if you want to try the platform because they allow you to get much quicker returns.


  • High ROI.
  • Possibility of undermining more coins.
  • Excellent pack costs.
  • Internal exchange.


  • No photos or videos of the Farm.
  • They do not offer hosted miners.
  • Few information about the company.
  • ROI impossible for mining.


We are certainly talking about a platform that has been much discussed and known in recent times.

Dualmine offers a wide choice of coins to be mined, which is very interesting for those who want to “risk” on some altcoin among those mined.

The information about the company are really few and honestly we do not feel to recommend an investment on this company, maybe it made sense for the first customers but today you could risk losing all the capital in our opinion.

They offer mining at conditions in line with the competition, do not sell Miners but offer hashrate at a good price without specifying clearly what are the fees and hardware used.

Over the course of the year they offer various offers that can make a difference to the final ROI, so we recommend that you consider whether there are any particular offers in progress and make the relevant calculations.

We think it’s a HYIP, so high gains correspond to high risks.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.