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  • Entry on: 2018
  • Type of mining: Hosting, Cloud
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  • Supported coins: BTC
  • For users: Beginners
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From the home page of the site now you can see live streaming of their farms, you will often see their technicians at work.


Cryptouniverse, born in 2017 in Russia, has immediately proved to be a serious and reliable company with continuous investments in new technologies and in the construction of new farms; today it is certainly one of the most important companies in crypto currency mining.

The company is specialized in mining, every customer can buy from anywhere in the world a quantity of hashrate ( computing power ) or a miners ( complete machine ). The company’s data centers have more than 15,000 different ASIC miners that constantly produce Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Our experience

The conditions of the packs are clear and convenient, even for hosted miners who have a daily “all-inclusive” cost for the fees of the miner bought. Cost of purchase and maintenance are almost always among the cheapest in the market, which is why it is certainly one of the companies in which we have invested the most and that we have often recommended to our acquaintances.

The user experience is very intuitive from the very first moment, with a few steps and a very clear interface you can buy both cloud mining packs and hosted miners.

Cryptouniverse allows you to pay with cryptocurrency, credit cards, bank transfer and other instruments. By paying with BTC you get 4% hashrate on what you buy, miner or cloud pack.

Customer support is excellent, payments are made within 48 hours because they are handled manually for security reasons and to date no problems with withdrawals have ever been reported.

After launching the two main farms and positioning itself as the market leader, Cryptouniverse has become the official Canaan distributor for all of Russia and Asia, the two main markets for the sale of mining equipment.

In Russia and other countries the company’s offices are being set up with public sale of contracts and miners, they also have all the international certifications to produce and sell / buy cryptovalues.

The site is certainly suitable even for inexperienced users for the simplicity of use and for the very clear and transparent offer, there are also very precise indications on the daily ROI of packs and miners as well as the conditions of purchase.


  • They offer hosted miners.
  • Excellent pack maintenance fees .
  • Photo and video Farm, offices and stores can be visited.
  • Official distributor Canaan for Russia and Asia
  • Payment Methods, Crypto – Credit Cards – Bank Transfer
  • Great customer service.


  • Production limited to BTC and not other cryptos
  • Miner and pack prices also change several times a day
  • KYC mandatory for withdrawals over $1.000


Cryptouniverse is the company that is currently offering the best returns on BTC mining.

If the intention is to invest in BTC’s production, Cryptouniverse’s offer is currently unbeatable.

We have had the opportunity to get to know the property and view the farms, which we will also do with other manufacturers and that certainly allows us to give a very positive opinion about this company today.

Always available technical support and great seriousness from all the staff certainly indicate a great attention to the customer, which is not trivial in this area.

We have been following this company since 2018, the year in which we started to invest and from which we know the property with which we report weekly on important news or suggestions.

Absolutely recommended

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The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.