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  • Entry on: 2020
  • Type of mining: Cloud
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  • Supported coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
  • For users: Beginners
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The website is no longer reachable.


Crypto-Mining is a British cloud mining platform born in early 2020 (in the white paper they say they were born in 2015 in Canada), allows users around the world to buy hashrates to undermine cryptocurrencies.

On the site and searching online there is still very little information about this company, there is the white paper but the information is a bit confusing and does not match exactly what they say on the site.

They say they have made big investments to create farms in Canada, Georgia, Iceland, Russia, China and Norway, but of all these farms we still have no certainty or evidence to prove their existence.

Before they launched the cloud mining service they did a Bounty-based marketing campaign, so they gathered a lot of subscribers in a short time that they hope to convert into actual customers.

At the moment we think we are facing a HYIP that uses the success of cloud mining to attract investors and pay them until there will be new entrants, the company looks very good but the information does not convince us and above all we are less convinced of the daily mined which is much higher than what happens with real mining.

Our experience

The interface is very intuitive, it allows you to buy with cryptocurrencies and soon with credit cards.
Having different payment methods is definitely important, as well as being very appreciated by investors.

The technical support we have yet to prove it, even the payments have not yet been verified by us since the platform has just been launched but we will do so in the coming days.

The cloud contracts include maintenance costs, the costs of some packs on average in line with the best proposals but with very high ROI, in this regard using our calculator it is clear that we are facing a HYIP.

We recommend you to look often at the site and take advantage of any promotions because you could return much faster than the investment, being a new site on the market will certainly offer several promotions to attract the largest number of customers.

Crypto-mining is definitely suitable for all types of users, so even people at the first experience in mining can use it because it is very simple at all stages.
We remind you to pay maximum attention because there is very little information about this company and considering the high daily returns we find the project not very sustainable in the long run.


  •  Maintenance Fee included in the packs.
  •  High ROI.
  •  Intuitive interface.
  •  Internal calculator.


  • No photos of the farm and company.
  • They do not offer hosted miners.
  • Few information about the company.
  • HYIP


We are certainly talking about a platform which is much talked about at this time and which has only been around for a short time, early 2020.
There is very little information about the company, there is still no evidence on the declared farms. We contacted the company to get some information and further proof of the existence of these farms or to give you more precise information as soon as possible.
Crypto-mining allows you to mine several cryptomonete with 4 year packs already including maintenance costs, so the daily return will be net and no fees will be deducted during the period.
We recommend to evaluate if there are special offers that you can take advantage of.
If you need support in the choice of the pack you can contact us and we will try to give you the information about the alleged returns of the chosen packs as not everyone could be able to do them.
We think it is a HYIP because of the way it is proposed on the market and because of the high ROI declared by the calculator in the dashboard, so we think that a lot of attention should be paid when you intend to invest in this type of company.
The platform is also suitable for inexperienced users.



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