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  • Entry on: 2019
  • Type of mining: Cloud
  • Equipment market:
  • Supported coins: BTC
  • For users: Beginners
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The company

Bitluck is a cloud mining platform born in Hungary in late 2019, allowing users around the world to mine Bitcoin at attractive conditions.

The platform offers hashrate sales contracts to mine BTC, it does not offer other mining services at the moment.

On the site and searching online there is very little information about this company, actually on the site there is a live streaming video of a Farm they say is theirs, there is no evidence of this though.

This farm can belong to anyone and strangely enough there is no photo of the farm and the farm.

We increasingly think we are facing the usual HYIP that leverages the success of cloud mining to attract investors and pay them as long as there are new entrants, it is no coincidence that Bitluck is quickly taking many customers around the world.

Our experience

The interface is very intuitive, it allows you to buy with Paypal, cryptovalue, credit cards and bank transfer. Having many payment methods is certainly important as well as being very appreciated.

Technical support is good, payments are regular and always within 24 hours.

The maintenance fees of cloud contracts are very good, the costs of the packs are on average in line with the best proposals and have a duration from 5 months to unlimited. During the purchase of the packs 30 days of maintenance are included and you have to select in which Poolin and SlushPool minare between Poolin and SlushPool. We recommend that you look at the site often and take advantage of any promotions because you could get back much faster than the investment you made as well as higher profits.

Bitluck is definitely suitable for all types of users, so even people with first experience in mining can use it because it is very simple at all stages.

We remind you to pay the utmost attention because there is very little information about this company.


  • Very low maintenance fees.
  • Good pack costs.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Different payment methods available.


  • No pictures of the farm or the offices.
  • They do not offer hosted miners.
  • Few information about the company.
  • Miners only from BTC.


We are definitely talking about a platform much discussed and present for a short time, end of 2019.

There is very little information about the company, there is a streaming video of a Farm but it is really impossible to determine if it is really owned by them. We contacted the company to get some information and further evidence of the existence of these Farms.

Bitluck allows to undermine only BTC with hashrate packs from 5 months to unlimited duration with good fees and packs costs.

We suggest to evaluate if there are particular offers to be able to exploit and make your considerations.

We strongly believe it is a HYIP, so we think you should pay attention when investing in this type of company.

The platform is also suitable for inexperienced users.

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