Guida Mining Advisor


Mining Advisor’s rating is the result of years of experience in the mining industry, and is the set of evaluation criteria that are fundamental to us before the investment.
We have identified some fundamental and easily verifiable indicators that allow us to quickly evaluate even a new company.
Here are some of the indicators used:
1. Evidence of actual mining activity
2. Payment information
3. Typology of proposals
4. Services offered
5. Site interface
6. Terms and conditions


The status is assigned subsequently to our checks on the current situation of the company.
1. VERIFIED: These are the companies that have been paying for more than 2 years and that have been known to have verified mining activity.
2. PROMISING: These companies have been paying and online for over 1 year. 
3. NEW: These companies have been on the market for less than 6 months.
4. RISK: This state includes all HYIPs and companies of which you have little information and little credibility. 
5. SCAM: These are the companies that no longer pay and whose information we have identifies it as scam. 


DEFINITION OF MINING: is the process of extraction of cryptomonete and is done through the use of expensive hardware specific for each type of coin connected to the internet H24. In order for this extraction process to be economically viable, favourable climatic conditions for the cooling of the hardware and the lowest possible energy costs are required.
These conditions are now available in only a few countries in the world. Among the largest producers of cryptocurrency are China, Russia and parts of America.

CLOUD MINING: This service is offered by some mining companies and allows you to buy portions of hardware or computing power (Hashrate) at convenient conditions, as their farms are located in areas that are favorable for mining. Thanks to these services even those who do not have computer knowledge and do not have the economic availability to buy an entire hardware can also make small investments in the production of cryptocurrency at advantageous and profitable conditions.

HOSTING: The companies that offer the hosting service give the possibility to install a miner (hardware) owned by the customer within their Farm with a daily or monthly all-inclusive cost that includes:
1. Physical space for hardware positioning
2. Electric current
3. Installation and configuration
4. Cooling the environment
5. H24 internet connection
6. Technical support in case of failure
7. Video surveillance H24
In recent years, many of these companies also offer the sale of hardware on favourable terms and often ready to produce cryptovalues within 24 hours. Unlike cloud mining, the hosting service is aimed at customers who can invest in the purchase of an entire miner (hardware) and can benefit from higher returns in the long term.

STAKING: for some types of coins (POS) it is possible to undermine them by depositing them and holding them in special wallets. This process called Proof of Stake allows to obtain a new quantity of coins (in percentage) for the time in which they are held still.


To make the service understandable and accessible to all, we have selected the best translation tool and integrated it into our website.
We think that, thanks to this choice, reading Mining Advisor in your language may not be perfect but it will certainly be a guide that everyone can use.


For a correct use of Mining Advisor we have found it necessary to identify two user profiles: Beginner and Expert.
This profiling was necessary so that the different types of users could view the most convenient proposals at their level of mining knowledge.


High Yield Investment Program – are generally high-yield investment programmes. Almost always behind HYIP are hidden real Ponzi schemes, big gains for a few and a lot of money lost for everyone else. In Cloud Mining often HYIP are companies that have not invested anything in the creation of farms but have only used the money that came in to support the system. When we don’t have certain information about the company and the farm or we notice too high ROI, for choice and experience, we think we are in front of a HYIP disguised as cloud mining.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.