Mining – Bitcoin vs Altcoins

Bitcoin is certainly the reference point of the entire crypto market, but it is not the only “minable” coin and for many it is not even considered the most convenient to mine. Let’s try to make some clarity starting from some considerations that we ourselves have made in recent years.

The first question we asked ourselves, and which we recommend to do, was: how much should Bitcoin affect our crypto portfolio in percentage?

The answer to this question is a personal one and in our opinion everyone must do so before starting to invest in this sector because having this clear will certainly avoid some future mistakes.

For us Bitcoin must still have the main weight in the cryptocurrency portfolio, not by chance when we decided that it had to be so we started to focus our investments in BTC mining. The most important coin in the industry in the long term may prove to be the most secure and stable in the industry while still providing excellent returns as the history of Bitcoin sees an almost steady growth in the last 10 years.

Alternative coins such as Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum and Zcash, just to mention some of the most historical ones, are coins that have seen in the past years moments of great interest from miners while lately many have abandoned them because they are no longer considered profitable or interesting for mining. Why this?

Probably the fall in value much more evident than Bitcoin, associated with a constant increase in the difficulty and cost of extraction, has made it not convenient for farms to buy hardware dedicated to mining of these coins preferring to aim at a more “safe” mining that only Bitcoin at that time could guarantee.

Many have preferred to buy altcoins rather than undermine them. This choice most of the time was correct because with mining you would get lower returns and, not trivial aspect, those who bought them would get all the coins in their Wallet, those who decided to mine these coins would receive them a little at a time day by day. For those who do not intend to trade this last aspect does not matter much, but for those who want to exploit the movements of coins is certainly more profitable to buy and manage them rather than undermine them over time with low profits.

But then, should we undermine the alternative coins? We think so, but only with companies that have the favorable conditions to undermine these coins because few can offer really interesting and profitable packs. Mining Advisor was created to help its users to better evaluate the proposals of the market and avoid mistakes that could lead to make wrong or loss-making investments.

Bitcoin Mining

So you want to undermine Bitcoin? Surely it has a greater charm because it has potentially greater long-term prospects and solidity recognized by institutional investors.

The year 2020 will be an important year for mining, the halving of the main coins, including Bitcoin, will change the mining scenario and only companies that will be able to offer mining at competitive and profitable conditions will be able to hope to collect important investments from the market. Fortunately, many serious realities have been born with new interesting offers that we will evaluate with you before investing. Good mining.

The positioning is based on certain and objective criteria, not “conditionable”, it is not possible to buy a better position or review.